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The internet is a brilliant place for learning and browsing, for our family we use it regularly as part of our home education, such a vast amount of knowledge to be found. It also can be a very scary and dangerous place for kids and tweens. As a parent and as an educator child internet safety is paramount and we have made sure we have taken as much steps as possible making sure Chloe me just me website is as safe and secure as it can be for children to browse and enjoy safely. If you have any concerns please feel free to message me via our CONTACT FORM. 

We have followed all steps that conform to google and other webpage policies to ensure the web pages are safe.


This website and all our social media channels including Youtube are managed by me (the parent). Many people have different views about children being online but the fact of the matter is many children are! whether it be via ipads or mobile phones and parent monitored usage. My daughter has seen me run successful businesses online in the past thanks to the use of social media. Being bloggers and vloggers means we are in the limelight but we have made sure that certain details are kept private. We only share what we deem is safe to share and everything on here is Chloe's ideas and her content. We sit together and discuss online safety and what goes on the website and social media accounts. If you comment on any of chloe me just me social media accounts, I am sitting right next to her reading them and responding with her.


Chloe me just me does use advertising to support the site. We use Google Adsense in the form of banner ads. Chloe me just me website has been tagged with Google as a child-directed site. To learn more about what this means please visit Google's page.

We do not have full control over what ads are shown but you can easily click an X to report an AD that is not appropriate. To read more about how then click on Google's AD's page 


We offer reviews on child friendly products, games & apps,toys days out and holidays with brands that suit our audience and ethos with links to their sites, this would be disclosed, any links shared on this site will be explained in the individual post. If you are clicking on a link then you are directed away from the website this will be explained in full with a * ASK YOUR PARENT TO CLICK ON THIS LINK * advising children that the parent needs to check if they wish to continue. 


All content has been carefully worded with children in mind and the website is aimed at ages 7-11 and above. Everything has been researched and thought out making sure your child can enjoy visiting Chloe me just me safely. Of course many parents and educators like visiting Chloe me Just me and find many useful resources for their children or class, but we do like to make sure our younger audience is catered for.


This service is only for parents and. If your child has subscribed, they can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any email that has been sent. Then you, as a parent can subscribe. This subscription only sends emails when a blog post has been posted no promotional vontent or adverts are sent. If you need help unsubscribing, please ask me for help using our contact form