The rainy day box review

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Do you ever have days when its miserable outside, and you really needs entertaining and the idea of tv, ipad and games does not appeal to your parents... they always say no find a activity or something! I had one of those days recently and I was feeling really ill and was bored and didn't know what to do!

rainy day box review

It just so happens that I had recently accepted to do a review of The rainy day box and had it on my table waiting for us to do just that. It was a perfect example of something to do when I wasn't feeling 100% and couldn't come up with ideas myself.

rainy day box

Above shows you that there is quite a selection of craft materials and instructions. I decided to do a box opening video on my channel too which was great fun to film:

I  spent most of the day crafting and did all the projects, I would probably spread the crafts throughout the week but seen as I had a day that I didn't feel up to much it seemed perfect to just have an artsy crafty kind of day. I  found it quite educational too as The craft projects were centred around countries and gave facts on where the crafts were from, for example I made an African mask and an aboriginal boomerang. 

rainy day box review

I had the June box, so each month there is a new theme. In each themed box you will receive:

  • A variety of exciting themed activities (not just arts & crafts)
  • A minimum of 3 fun activities, separately packaged within the box.
  • Bonus recycling task
  • Prize chart
  • Reward sticker
  • Our famous ‘everlasting glue tube’
  • Easy to follow instruction sheet with pictures
  • Art brush
rainy day box review

I love the idea of having a box of crafts delivered each month it really keeps me busy especially on rainy days or sick days!

rainy day box review

You can find out more about The rainy day box Here

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