The Curiosity box - Forensics

Have you ever wondered how detectives solve mysteries? how they can find out who you are with just your fingerprints? How bullets are traced to guns? 

The curiosity box explains all of that in this month's subscription box with a series of hands on experiments .

As you can see I got dressed for the part and started sleuthing! Before you all get a little bit scared... The pipe and moustache are not real! They are in fact made out of foam! So you can be rest assured I have not started any nasty habits or had an abnormal nasal hair growth recently.

investigator chloe with the curiosity box

I love how varied the curiosity box can be and each month surpasses the next. It's a box full of mini surprises! I like to spread my mini experiments across the month so I have one a week to do, though occasionally I get carried away and can do a few together. You can see how I utilize this box as part of my home education in my JANUARY HOME ED BLOG POST.

Photo 26-01-2018, 16 22 29 (1).jpg

My favorite activity this month was having to find out who kidnapped David attenborough  by reading the evidence and completing a cryptic chromatography experiment. (I won't give away who it was) 

the curiosity box - forensics

I even got to detect dastardly deeds by using a uv light to find fingerprints round my house.

fingerprint experiment

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