The best Ikea hack ever! How to make a fried egg rug

I was lying around on my fluffy rug from IKEA when I realized it kinda looked a bit like a fried egg shape.... Those random thoughts do tend to go round my head quite often! But for me just thinking about it, is never enough and being creative is what I enjoy most so me and my mum got out the sewing needles and scissors and gave it the makeover everyone wants!

ikea hack fried egg rug

To make a fried egg rug you need:

  • IKEA fluffy rug or fluffy material cut to shape
  • Yellow felt
  • Yellow thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Toy filling
  • Scissors
fried egg rug


Trim the flatter edges of the  IKEA rug to make them more 'fried egg' shaped or if you are using a white fluffy material then just cut to desired shape 

how to make a fried egg rug

Step 2:

Cut two circles out of the yellow felt and sandwich them together. Stitch around the edge either using a simple running stitch or a blanket stitch - make sure to leave a gap to fill with toy filling.

How to make a fried egg rug


Fill with toy stuffing until plump then sew the remaining gap together you now have the yolk! Its up to you if you would like to sew it to the rug.

how to make a fried egg rug

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how to make a fried egg rug

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