Quick and Easy Easter treats - Easter hacks!

easter treats - easter hacks

I really love Easter, there is just something about this time of year that makes me a little more happier, the season of spring just brings so much joy! 

You don't have to make everything from scratch either to make Easter prep fun. 

chocolate easter treats

First we made some easy things with melted chocolate and sprinkles. We used a plastic egg mold and added sprinkles first then the melted chocolate and left to set in the fridge. We painted an egg box and used some shredded coloured paper to create a gift box.

chocolate spoon gifts

We had bought some wooden spoons from Ikea to make a puppet craft but never got round to it due to our very busy ways so we decided to utilize them, we added a few teaspoons of melted chocolate on to the wooden spoons and added sprinkles and mini-marshmallows. We let them set in the fridge and added ribbons so we can give out as Easter gifts.

easter nest cakes

The obligatory Easter nest cakes which is quite simply melted chocolate over cereal and mini eggs and then set in the fridge.

cadbury creme egg brownies

Here's where we cheated a bit... we bought a chocolate fudge brownie mix and when all the ingredients were added we cut some cadbury creme eggs in half and placed on top of the mixture then baked in the oven.

bunny marshmallows

For our marshmallow bunnies we used large marshmallows, heart shaped marshmallows and mini marshmallows using edible icing pens to stick them together and add detail.

bunny Easter cake

 We bought a small chocolate cake and made some chocolate butter icing and covered the  sponge with it, we added chocolate fingers to the side and placed a chocolate bunny in the middle covering the cake with mini eggs and chocolate carrots and decorated with a ribbon to hold together.

We had so much fun creating all these yummy treats we have made a gallery of our makes and bakes as we couldn't just choose a few images to show:

We cant wait to take all of our makes and bakes to our family.

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how to make easter treats

I'm looking forward to eating the creme egg brownies, they may not look amazing but I bet they taste how I can imagine them to taste!

Easter baking

What was your favorite Easter treat idea? 

Easter table

Happy Easter from me and Chloe xxx

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