Pokemon Go craft ideas

pokemon crafts

So the pokemon go craze has continued and if your tiring of chasing them around maybe you need to take a pit stop and whilst your phone is charging have a go at some creative pokemon themed creative ideas. I

how to make a pokemon ball

To make pokemon storage boxes and ball 


  • Round gift boxes or the craft paper mache boxes
  • plastic surprise toy balls
  • red and white acrylic paint 
  • PVA glue
  • Black marker pen
how to make pokemon balls

To make the gift boxes add some pva glue to the acrylic paint and paint one half red and the other white, when dry paint a white circle on the top centre of the lids. With a black marker pen draw a thick line across the divide and around the circle to create the pokemon details. You could add clear varnish to avoid knock ad scratches.

pokemon ball crafts

To make the pokemon ball add PVA glue to the acrylic paints and paint one half white and one half red. When dry paint half a circle on to the red side. Connect the plastic ball together and with a black marker pen draw round the perimeter and around the circle. Again you could add a clear varnish to protect the ball from scratches. Both the box and ball can hold small toys.

pokemon ball craft

You don't actually have to store pokemon toys inside (though it does look pretty neat).

pokemon ball crafts

What would you store in them?

pokemon go crafts

Don't disappear yet! We still have a few more creative ideas up our sleeves:  

pokemon jars

Another idea we have attempted is by updating some glass jars by painting the lids with acrylic paint an adding marker pen detail. One of them we stuck a pokemon to the bottom of the jar and added heart sequins and water and baby oil inside to make a little shaker too.

pokemon crafts, pokemon bag

Our last idea is making a pokemon paper plate bag, an ideal craft for a pokemon themed party don't you think? 


  • x3 paper plates
  • Red and white acrylic paint
  • Black marker pen
  • Stapler
  • Red ribbon
Papaer plate pokemon bag

To make our paper plate bag simply paint one half of one plate red and then cut in half, you will have to discard (recycle) the other half. On a full plate draw a line down the middle in pencil and then draw a round circle in the middle of it. Cut along the lines and only half of the circle. With a marker pen draw round the edge of the circle and and the lines. Staple the red plate to a plain white full plate and on the bottom staple the half white plate with fewer staples so it can open and close and be over the red side, Staple the two ends of the ribbon to each side of the plate.

paper plate pokemon craft

We also have some pokemon themed cake ideas if you think a day in the kitchen would be better spent.

We really hope you have enjoyed all our ideas and have a go at some or even all of them! Don't forget to pin them and save the activities for later:


pokemon crafts

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