What if you could play with your toothbrush? Playbrush review

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Are you a reluctant tooth brusher like me? Do you find yourself being nagged and nagged by your parents? Do you find toothbrushing quite boring and such a task?

Playbrush has just made a brush that you can play with... well an app and a brush holder that is!  I was given an opportunity to try it out.

playbrush review

Playbrush has certainly come to the rescue! As soon as it arrived I couldn't wait to get it charged up and try it out without any nagging at all! Imagine that!

I love computer games and needing to get the best score kept me brushing all those hard to reach bits, It had me brushing my teeth morning and evening. My mum is amazed with me!

playbrush review

About Playbrush:

Playbrush makes a game out of cleaning your teeth and thus creates a positive atmosphere around toothbrushing. Shoot Crobies, fly planes and save the tooth fairy – all just by brushing your teeth! No more stress, great fun! It has  motion sensors in your Playbrush that records how you brush your teeth (place, duration and speed) and a specific game algorithm helps children to brush for long enough and everywhere in their mouth. Real time feedback in the form of brushing statistics as well as a unique reward system is encouraging children to brush more accurately and regularly (2 Minutes twice a day).

It is very convenient as Your humble manual toothbrush has been transformed into a game controller! Playbrush attaches to almost any manual toothbrush and with up to 6 profiles per device, one family can easily share one Playbrush! Also, you do not require internet, Bluetooth is enough to start your brushing adventure!

Here is my video I am actually brushing my teeth in it!

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