Play Marvelous music and magic with The curiosity box

I seem to be on a roll with a magical theme this month! See my previous post to see why. 

There is a real science to some of the magic tricks though and I like that The Curiosity box can show the facts behind the illusion. Just like the disappearing water nappy experiment I did in my unboxing video:

I can't wait to complete all the experiments in this kit Here is a close up of what you recieve for the amazing nappy experiment:

the curiosity box marvelous magic and music

This was the band in the box contents with a festive theme. I love decorating things!

the curiosity box

The spring and the little led torch really intrigues me. As always you get an awesome molypod this time it was particles from comet. Can you believe that? particles from a comet!!! 

the curiosity box

The curiosity box is Curated in Oxford, championed by scientists and exploring a different curriculum-linked topic each month, The Curiosity Box is bursting with hands-on activities and collectable lab kit to help children explore the world around them and beyond!

Each month I do a box opening and a sneak peak blog post with a choice sampling of one of the experiments provided in The Curiosity box on my video. This is what I do as part of being an AMBASSADOR for them, to help other children enjoy and be captivated by science.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you would like to try The Curiosity box of your own then you can use my 15% discount code CHLOEME2 on their WEBSITE

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