Mysteries in time review

As I am home educated we love to find new and interesting ways to learn, the more visual and interactive the better! I was recently asked by The Mysteries in Time to give my honest thoughts on their monthly subscription box:

mysteries in time sunscription box box

Mysteries in time is a very exciting monthly subscription box, designed to bring history to life for 7-11 year olds. You are introduced to your adventure with two young characters brother and sister Max and Katie where you can solve a fictional mystery in a real, historic setting amongst lots of interesting and 'clever' activities.

What you get:

  • An adventure story book
  • History fact booklet
  • Puzzles & quizzes
  • Colouring in sheets & pencils
  • Collectible gift
  • Themed bookmark
  • Stickers
  • Craft pack
  • Map (in first pack)

I of course did  a box opening video as I really wanted to show everyone how awesome the package was:

You can paint and decorate the box, this was the first activity I tried out! 

mysteries in time subscription box
mysteries in time box

I enjoyed reading the fact magazine and filling out the puzzles. I have recently completed a home ed project on ancient Egypt so it refreshed my memory. 

mysteries in time subscription box

I loved deciphering the Hieroglyphs and enjoyed creating my very own cartouche.

mysteries in time subscription box

I was impressed with the quality and variety of activities inside the subscription box, I particularly liked the details in the colouring sheets, especially Anubis, I was quite taken with the Egyptian gods and goddesses and I liked that that was covered in the subscription box.

mysteries in time

Here is a close up of Anubis, Do you know which God he is? (not for the faint hearted)

anubis colouring sheet

There was so many activities and souvenirs in the mysteries in time box. You can see how exciting, fun and creative they are! 

mysteries in time subscription box

There was a clay kit inside and I made myself an Ankh (see below)

egytian clay ankh

I must admit I find traditional education methods a task due to my PDA and finding activities that I will participate in can sometimes be difficult, if they look fun, inviting and less demanding I will have a go, if it appears to 'school like' then I will shy away. I think the personal touches made it for me, making me feel rather special and it was so well illustrated and had just enough information my the age bracket prefers. 

mysteries in time

 l personally would recommend this and will be signing up for the subscription as it is a rarity to find a product that has that right balance of educational and fun, most things I have tried lack the latter. And for many children the 'fun' bit is what captures their hearts and minds and how learning should be. I think it is safe to say that Mysteries in time has certainly managed that.

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You can find out more about Mysteries in time Here.

* Please note we were gifted Mysteries in time Egyptian box for the purpose of the review.

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