How to make interactive nesting Russian doll craft for kids

create with Chloe

Create with Chloe and make a fun interactive toy/craft re-creating a russian doll craft where you can actually make all the dolls fit inside each other! 

How to make a Russian doll TP roll craft

What you will need:

  • x5 TP rolls (cardboard rolls)
  • decoupage paper sheets
  • modge podge glue
  • plain card
  • pens
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • cellotape

Step 1:

With four of the cardboard rolls cut a rectangle out of the sides and trim the rolls from the top so they go down in size.

Step 2:

Cellotape each opening together making sure each cardboard roll can fit into each other.

Step 3:

Select which papers are going to go on each TP cardboard roll, making sure that each one is different.

Step 4:

Cover the TP cardboard roll with modge podge.

Step 5:

Cover with your selected decoupage paper sheets and trim off excess or fold inside the TP cardboard tube.

Step 6:

Continue covering all the cardboard TP rolls.

fold the outer edges inside to create a neat finish, you could even line the inside with some plain coloured paper to add contrast.

Step 7:

Draw 5 circles bigger to smaller that fit on the TP cardboard rolls. Use the roll ends as a guide for size.

Draw some faces on them, I kept the same features and hair colour to create a familty but trying to make them look different, with the smallest being a baby.

Step 8:

Cut out the face shapes and Glue on to each TP cardboard roll. Once dry they are ready to play with and should fit inside each other.

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