loopdeloom review and how to make a mobile case tutorial.

Weaving and looming has become a craze in the adult world so it seems, but kids can get in on the action too! It doesn't need to be fiddly or too time consuming either! I was kindly gifted a Loopdeloom to have a go at weaving for myself and I was so surprised of the outcome.

loopdeloom kit

loopdeloom kit

A loopdeloom kit has an ingenious design using spinning pegs that makes weaving super easy, as I suffer with hypermobility, sometimes certain craft kits hurt my hands and wrists but this kit allowed me to weave with ease. After your first few weaves you get the hang of using it and you can build up your speed. I found this activity very calming and a little addictive.


The kit contains:

  • 1 x Spinning Loom base
  • 15 x pegs with integral guides
  • 110 meters of rainbow wool
  • 1 set of instructions
loopdeloom mobile phone cover

The instructions only show you how to set up the loom and how to weave, although it shows pictures of what you could make it doesn't give you a step by step guide. Though after reading how to finish off the ends I pretty much knew how I could turn my weave into arm warmers or a mobile phone. As you can see from my video it didn't end up becoming arm warmers and I improvised and turned it into a phone case.

I tied the knots a bit short so couldn't make the arm warmer so I decided to turn it into a mobile phone holder. To do this, follow my video (above) and then all you need to do is sew the bottom end with a large needle and matching wool, then fold the top end. I added 2 pom poms by using my little pom pom makers. To add the pom poms thread the long thread through the case and tie some knots on the inside to hold it in place. Ive made this for my best friend as I don't have a phone yet!

loopdeloom mobile case

For my first try I was pretty impressed and now I know that I just need to make things a bit longer for my arm warmers! I really want to make a head warmer and a scarf! oooh and maybe some mini blankets for my toys! I love the rainbow wool! It's soooo rainbowy! (it is a word)

loopdeloom kit

Here are my pro's and cons:


  • Its quick and easy to set up
  • It is easy to use and simple instructions
  • the wool that comes with it is amazing!


  • No instructions to make what is pictured on the back

you can see I really enjoyed weaving and I want to make lots more things


* Please note I was gifted the loopdeloom for the purpose of the review all my views are my very own and I will only accept products and offer reviews on what I deem suits my audience (which is you guys) If you are a kid just like me reading this and would like to have a loom kit of your very own please show your parents this website it is safe see PARENTS/GUARDIANS section for more info on our internet safety and advertising policy.

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loopdeloom review and tutorial how to make a mobile phone case

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