Kid made cute Christmas card

If you are anything like me and my mum we like to be organised, now is the perfect time to get creative and start making Christmas cards. There is something so heart-felt and touching to receive a handmade card. This is why I have a fun little tutorial that will hopefully inspire youto create your own cute handmade cards.

kid made christmas card


To make our kid made Christmas card


  • Blue A6 card with envelope
  • White, green, brown, pink and black craft card/paper
  • Red and white twine
  • Foam stickers
  • White pen and black pen (we used fine liners)
  • Scissors, glue and cellotape
craft materials for kid made christmas card


Cut out a green triangle tree shape, a brown rectangle to make the tree stump. Glue down the stump in the desired spot on the card, leaving a space for some snow. Make sure your tree triangle fits on the card.

how to make a christmas tree card


Wrap the red and white twine around the green triangle card and cellotape at the back then place down and glue into place on the card.

How to make a christmas tree card


Use cute foam stickers to decorate the tree, we used a glittered yellow star to go on top of the tree

How to make a christmas tree card


With the black and pink card cut some very small circles to make the eyes and cheeks and glue them down. With a black fine liner pen draw a happy little smile too!

how to make a cute christmas tree card


Add more foam sticker shapes, or gems or sequins whatever you have at home that the children can use to decorate their handmade Christmas cards. Cut a strip of white card to stick on the bottom as snow,

how to make a kid made christmas card


With a white fine liner pen draw snow flakes in the background our white circles/dots for younger children.

how to make a cute christmas card tree

The great thing about this activity is that most supplies you should have at home and it is quick and easy to make.

making a kid made christmas card

I was so focussed on the craft, I find it calming and fun at the same time (if that makes sence) I can't wait to see the look on my friends faces when I hand out my handmade cards.

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how to make a cute christmas tree card

We have taken part in a kid made christmas card series with Mum in the mad house where a kid made card idea will be shared every day in November. There will be something for everyone and ability and age so make sure to check out some more amazing ideas.

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