How to make valentine's rose lollies

How to make rose lollies

How to make Flower lollies

We have been thinking of interesting ways to present treats for children for valentines day. This is a really quick and simple idea but looks very effective.

You will need:

  • Sweet Lollies
  • Green pipe-cleaners
  • Red tissue paper
how to make rose lollies

Step one:

Cut the red tissue paper in to long strips, wrap them round the top of the sweet lollies, you can tape in place.

valentines lollies

Step two

Wrap the green pipe cleaners around the lolly pop stick, holding the tissue paper in place and covering the whole of the stick. You could also make paper leaves.

valentines lollies

Although this is a very simple activity, its very effective and looks pretty cute! My daughter adored them, and will make lovely gifts for friends,

Or maybe make cute party treats to go in a party bag perhaps?

how to make valentines rose lollies

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how to make lollipop roses

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