How to make Valentine's Heart Bark


Want something super quick and easy to make for your friends or family in time for valentine's day?

With a few simple incredients and supplies you can make the most amazing and I have to say it professional looking treats ever!

Valentine's Heart Bark

Giant heat chocolate bark

What you need to make some heart bark:

  • Heart shaped tin or candy box
  • White chocolate
  • Pink food colouring
  • Heart sprinkles
  • Pink sprinkles
  • Love heart/conversation heart sweets
  • Mini marshmallows
valentines heart bark

Step 1:

Break up your white chocolate into a bowl and melt into a liquid, either over a hob or in the microwave.

how to make valentines heart bark


Add food colouring into the melted chocolate and quickly pour into your heart shape tin or box, spread around with a pallette knife until even.

how to make Valentine's bark


Sprinkle all your sprinkles around the top of the chocolate heart making sure they are evenly spaced out as possible.

how to make Valentine's bark0


Add some love heart sweets or conversation heart candy and mini marshmallows to finish. Add to the refrigerator to harden.

how to make heart bark

Place in a candy box ready to give as a gift.

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how to make heart bark

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