How to make valentines arrows craft

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Craft along with Chloe and make some super fun and easy crafts. Use my free printable and a few simple materials to make this craft:

make a valentines bow and arrow

Valentines is not just for adults! Children love showing how they LOVE their family and their friends  through crafting and art. I have a FREE PRINTABLE and a craft for you today so you can make heart valentines arrows and a quiver to hold them in.

You will need:

How to make valentines arrows and quiver

Step 1:

You will need to print out my FREE PRINTABLE paper.

Cut out heart shapes and then arrow end shapes with  the glittery card stock. You can make the arrow ends look more feathery by cutting slits into the sides.

how to make valentines arrows

Step 2:

Wrap the printed paper around your empty sweet tube and stick down with double sided tape or another type of adhesive you may have handy like a glue stick perhaps.

how to make valentines arrow craft

Step 3:

Cut slits into the paper straws and slot in your glitter card shapes to resemble an arrow like the picture above. If you fold the hearts down the middle they will be able to fit inside your quiver tube.

how to make valentines arrows and quiver

Step 4:

Stick down your ribbon on each end of the sweet tube by using tape, you could also create small holes with scissors and tie knots to secure it.

Maybe you could also make a target and make a game out of it, or put secret messages inside the arrows.

Pin for later:

make a bow and arrow

You could use the quiver as a bow or alternatively add some ribbon or cord to a red painted stick to have a full set, so you can be cupid for the day!

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