How to make summer bunting and interview with jade boylan

It's officially summer! Well apparently anyway.... does someone mind telling the UK that? Regardless of the weather rain or shine I have an exciting free printable and tutorial on how to make  summer themed bunting to make your room look all summery and it will look pretty cool! 

free summer printable

But first I have an interview with one of my most favourite creative sellers


Hi! I'm Jade Boylan

Hi! I'm Jade Boylan

Hello, hello I’m Jade, a twenty-five-year-old freelance Illustrator, artist, graphic designer, book addict, vintage lover, total geek and full time daydreamer! I like to design fun things for people including: logos, posters, business cards, packaging, flyers + other bespoke creations. I also like to draw girls with rainbow pastel hair, pretty clothes + lots of cute tattoos, collectively known as the Candy Doll Club, a Girl Gang for any and all pastel babes. I live in the Isle of Man, which is a little island in the middle of the Irish Sea right in between England and Ireland.

Jade Boylan

1. How and why did you start your creative business

 I started working freelance when I was 18, while in the second year of an Art and Design course at my local college. I always wanted to be a picture book illustrator but when a few local businesses commissioned me to design logos, posters and packaging I realised that I enjoyed the work and that it would be a nice way to earn some money to help pay for art materials. i’m 25 now and i run my own online business from my home here in the IOM. 

Available to buy from Jade Boylan's website & Etsy

Available to buy from Jade Boylan's website & Etsy

2. Why is being creative important to you

 I don't think a non-creative life was ever an option for me, for as long as I can remember i've been drawing, painting and scribbling all over things. I tried getting a 'real' job when I graduated University but I lasted one month as a retail assistant before I handed in my notice and went back to designing and creating. For me creating art is like breathing, i quite literally can’t live without it, it’s cliché but true.

Jade's work area

Jade's work area

3. What has been your best and worst moments running a creative business?

The worst moment is always going online and finding out that someone is selling one of my own designs without my permission. Unfortunately it happens quite a lot and while i'm quick to get things taken down, it's disheartening to see people stealing my work and making money from it. Best moment is every time I get a nice message from a customer! It's hard doing everything by myself but it's worth it seeing photos from happy customers all over the world.

Jade's work area

Jade's work area

4. What is your top tip that you would like to share with others? 

Never give up on Art! Growing up I was often discouraged from the arts, my school was very academically driven and every time I told a teacher I wanted to be an artist when I grew up they told me not to be silly and to choose a 'real' career. Children should NEVER be told that the arts aren't important because if someone truly loves art then they should be encouraged to pursue it no matter what. After all, society will always need artists and life would be a lot duller without them.

Jade Boylan's pencils

I love finding out about how creative people live their lives and each story is so unique and different and i'm always in awe of how imaginative and inspiring their ideas are. I love the message of keeping creativity alive and how important creativity is.

If you would like to visit Jade on social media here she is:

Do make sure you check Jade out I particularly love her troll themed illustrated items! She has also very kindly designed a free printable for personal use.


free ice cream and ice lolly printable

Please note this free printable has been designed by Jade Boylan for The Creative Pair now re-branded as Chloe me just me and is for personal use only. To download simply click the link below you will be guided to an additional window and is in pdf format in which you can either download or print directly.


  • Colouring pens or pencils
  • Scissors
  • Cellotape or washi tape
  • Bakers twine
ice lolly bunting or garland

Step 1:

Colour in the ice lollies and ice creams however you want! You can use as many different colours as you like. What flavours will yours be?

free printable ice cream bunting

Step 2:

When you're done colouring in, get some scissors and carefully cut out the ice lollies and ice creams, or ask a grown-up to help with the fiddly bits.

summer bunting printable

Step 3:

Lay out your finished lollies in the order that you want, when you're happy turn them over so that you can see the plain backs

summer bunting

Step 4:

 Now lay a length of string or twine along the backs of the lollies, remember to leave a gap between each one, as well as enough string at the ends to tie a knot.

free ice cream printable

Step 5:

Grab your tape and carefully tape the string to the backs of the lollies. (Tip: tape the string near the top of the lollies to make sure they hang properly and don't accidentally flip over!) When you're done, hold up the ends of the string and show off your colourful lolly garland.

summer bunting ice cream and lilly free printable

Why not pin this for later?

summer bunting printable

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Jade Boylan and also the wonderful colouring sheets she designed for all of you. I would love to see your creations so don't forget to share with me on social media and also don't forget to tag jade too!: