How to make spring themed desk stationery DIY

how to make easter stationery holder and book

I was shopping at HOBBYCRAFT the other day and spotted some fun things for Easter, the plan was to use them to decorate our table but then we got a little creative....

To make some spring themed desk stationery items you will need:

  • faux grass roll
  • faux grass rabbit
  • plastic flowers
  • colourful pom poms
  • Drawing pad/note book
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
how to make a spring book diy

To make the spring book DIY simply cut the faux grass roll to size your writing or drawing pad. Glue the front and back cover with PVA glue wrap the faux grass around the both sides and hold into place.

how to make spring DIY notebook

Glue on some small colourful pom poms and plastic flower heads and allow to dry.

spring stationery DIY

To make the bunny pencil holder you need to cut a hole in the back and scoop some of the filling out. We used a small cardboard tube to determine the shape and size of the hole.

make a spring bunny stationery holder.

Glue small colourful pom poms around the perimetre and on the nose and ears. Then you can add your pencils to your new spring pencil pot!

how to make spring desk DIY's

I can't wait to use them and place them on my desk, just think of all the flowery pictures i'm going to draw! 

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