How to make pencil pot holders - kids craft

How to make wool wrapped pen holders:

how to make a pencil pot holder

Are you like us? Do you have lots of pencils, crayons and pens all mixed up? We have so many and they always get everywhere, so we have come up with a quick and fun idea using some rainbow wool.

For this project you will need:

  • x 3 clean tin cans
  • rainbow wool (or your colour choice)
  • sciccors
pen pots

The hard part was cleaning the tins believe it or not! Make sure you thoroughly clean out your food tins, we placed some water inside to soak overnight and gave them a real good scrub. and removed any paper or glue.

how to make a pen pot

We wrapped the wool round the base and tied a knot. This can be tricky and may take a couple of attempts. 

how to make a pen pot

Make sure you use the natural grooves on the tin can when winding the wool round, we found it quite therapeutic! Although it is a simple craft it does take a bit of time to complete but the finished result does look amazing! My daughetr was delighted with the competed pen pot, we have decided to make a few more as we have allot of wool left and quite a bit of coloured pencils too!

how to make a pen pot holder

We have quite a bit of rainbow wool left so we are up for any suggestions on what to do with it next. We are up for the challenge!

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how to make a pen holder

And you don't need to just hold pens....

pen pot holder

Ta da!

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