How to make Lego head jars - IKEA hack

lego jar craft

Do you find lots of your lego blocks go astray? I have this terrible problem where all those tiny pieces keep getting everywhere! I worry about them getting lost or worse! Hoovered up!

For this tutorial you may need a grown up to help or instead of spray paint you can use some acrylic yellow paint.

How to make Lego head jars


  • Small glass jars (we used Ikea spice jar set)
  • Yellow Spray paint
  • Black sharpie pen
  • white acrylic paint
  • Fine detail paint brush
materials needed

Step 1:

Spay paint your glass jars in a well ventilated area or outside if you can, make sure you have some paper or cardboard underneath to protect the area when spraying. Leave to dry. 

how to make Lego head jars

Step 2:

With a black sharpie pen or permanent marker pen draw the Lego head features, I used our mass collection to pick our favorite expressions. 

how to make a Lego head glass jar

Step 3:

Use a fine detail paint brush and white acrylic paint to add the finishing touches to the Lego storage jars.

Lego head storage jar

These would make an ideal gift for an avid collector or possibly a fathers day gift? 

How to make a Lego head storage jar

I'm quite pleased how they turned out, though maybe I would suggest doing a second layer of spray paint after the first one dried. To make them look more even and bright.

Pin for later:

how to make lego head jars

I can see lots of versions of these, minion heads perhaps?

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