How to make Halloween sweet kebabs

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Although this is not really cooking it is food related! 

Have a load of Halloween sweets pilling up? or maybe you want to have some fun party food ideas ? Then these simple sweet kebabs are your answer:

halloween kebabs


  • Kebab sticks or single chop sticks
  • Large marshmallows
  • Black Icing pen
  • Snake jelly sweets
  • Eye ball jelly sweets
  • Spider jelly sweets
  • Pumpkin marshmallows
  • Lizard jelly sweets
halloween sweet kebab

This is a very simple food activity so will take very little time to make, but perfect for a party or some friends coming round.

Slot on the large spooky marshmallow by piercing the kebab or chopstick through. Continue to slot jelly and marshmallow sweets, we used marshmallow pumpkins, jelly eyes, jelly spiders and lizards and jelly snakes and some jelly insects to create our creepy sweet kebab.

halloween sweet kebabs

This would be great to hand out for trick or treaters or as a party activity, maybe even who could make the biggest or most scariest spooky sweet kebab.


How to make a halloween sweet kebab

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