How to make fun felt play food

I love  role play games, it helps me learn life skills through play, It is also a tactile experience for me and has a calming effect and helps my sensory issues when I am using her hands. This activity is a few years old and we made these quite a long, long while ago, they have stood the test of time and even now still get used and played with especially when friends are over to play. 

We made a pizza, some tacos, noodles and sushi out of felt, the possibilities are endless and such a fun activity to create as well as play with.

how to make a felt pizza play food

You will need:

  • large pieces of coloured felt
  • scissors
  • imagination
felt pizza play food

For the pizza we basically drew round a plate on some beige felt and cut that out, then made a smaller circle with the red felt but cut it out like a sauce pattern, we then cut small circles, strips and squares and mushroom shapes out of different coloured felt pieces. The taco pieces are basically smaller beige circles and the fillings are made up of what is left from the pizza toppings, so dual purpose.

how to make felt food

Such a simple and easy activity but you can have hours of fun, when my friends came round we designed menu's together with choices of toppings to choose from, and then had fun for-filling the orders.

felt food craft

making our noodles and sushi was super easy!

how to make felt food.

We have lots of chop sticks so we incorporated them into our pretend play food. We made noodles using long strips of beige felt and sushi rolls simply rolling white and black felt strips together. This is great for hand eye co-ordination, but for us its just good old simple fun!

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how to make felt food

I hope you have as much fun as we did creating some felt food for pretend play.

pretend food, felt food, role play

Please note these are not edible!

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