How to make chocolate donut Easter nests

Do you get tired of making the same old chocolate nests using cereal and melted chocolate? Why not jazz it up with donuts instead? YEP DONUTS!!!

donut chocolate easter nests

All you need to make the new spin on chocolate easter nests are:

  • Chocolate covered donuts
  • chocolate bar or a flake
  • grater
  • Mini eggs
  • Fluffy chicks
chocolate easter donuts


Grate your chocolate bar to make small shavings, Sprinkle onto you chocoalte coated donuts

chocolate Easter nests


Place some mini eggs into the middle of the donut

chocolate easter nests


Place different coloured chicks on the top of each donut nest.

how to make easter chocolate nests

These would be great for Easter parties and be quick and easy to make! Check out my Easter party post for more inspiration

Make sure to pin this idea onto your Easter boards:

how to make easter chocolate nest donuts

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