How to make DIY LEGO jars

How to make Lego storage jars

Lego in my home is HUGE! We have a rather large cupboard full of it and we are forever trying to find storage solutions for them like this LEGO head storage jar tutorial. We have allot of special bits that we like to keep separated from our massive stockpile of Lego, such as unique figures, small parts and rare Lego pieces. What better way to store them, than with your own Lego themed jars that you can proudly display.

To make our Lego Jars 


  • Assorted glass jars
  • Lego figures
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Strong Glue.
how to make a Lego jar supplies


Make sure your jars have been thoroughly cleaned, We generally put ours to soak and sterilize them so we are able to use them for future DIY projects.

how to make lego jars


In a well ventilated area or outside Spray paint your jar lids and lego men. I found the Lego men needed a few coats.

how to make lego men jars


With your strong glue (This could be super glue, a glue gun or just some very strong glue. Glue your Lego men to the middle of the jar lids. You could put them in fun poses. We just did two sitting and two standing to add a bit of interest to the heights. Leave to dry and then fill with your favourite Lego pieces.

how to make lego storage jars


How to make a lego storage jar diy

This could be easily modified by adding different toys and colours, toy cars, or toy animals would look great!

If you are a Lego fan make sure you see our fun lego head storage idea:

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