How to make a mini indoor garden that lasts forever!

how to make an indoor planter

It is not always amazing weather to do some gardening, I do love being outdoor but what if I told you, you could bring the outdoors indoors? Well kind of...  My craft idea means you get the look of being outside with minimal gardning mess and no watering plants!

silk flower craft

You will need:

  • A selection of silk flowers
  • Florist foam
  • Glue gun (or strong glue)
  • Plastic grass
  • Butterfly cake toppers
  • Organza ribbon
  • Planter box
make an indoor planter

Step 1:

Cut your florist foam to fit your planter, we just used an average kitchen knife to do that. We used a glue gun to secure it to the planter, This is optional but does keep it in place.

how to make an indoor planter

Step 2:

Carefully place your plastic grass stands along the edge of your florist foam creating a perimeter of grass. Keep a few pieces of grass strands for later.

how to make an indoor planter

Step 3:

Place all you silk flowers in to the florist foam  making sure you spread out doubles and create lots of different heights in order for it to look more natural.

how to make an indoor planter

Step 4:

Place the remaining grass to fill out an gaps creating a mini garden. Add some butterfly cake toppers or you can use wire and organza butterflies to add additional interest to your indoor plant box.

make an indoor garden

Step 5:

To finish off we wrapped an organza ribbon round the planter and tied a bow. Making it an ideal gift too.

how to make a mini garden

There you have it a garden that lasts forever!

how to make a silk flower planter

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