How to make a unicorn and pom pom pumpkin

We are not huge on Halloween celebrations a bit spooky for us! We like to keep things more upbeat and happy and of course colourful and cute!

Whilst we were raiding our craft cupboards we found a load of brightly coloured  wool/yarn and pom poms and we still had two more pumpkins left from our pumpkin picking family day out.

So of course we came up with a rainbow unicorn pumpkin and rainbow pom pom pumpkin......naturally!

unicorn pumpkin and pom pom pumpkin

To make the Unicorn Pumpkin 


  • Large pumpkin
  • White paint
  • White card
  • Rainbow wool/yarn
  • Glitter foam
  • Black and pink marker pen
  • Silver pipe cleaner
  • Strong Glue
  • Scissors
how to make a unicorn pumpkin


First paint the pumpkin white and leave to dry. Add 2 coats if necessary(wish we did this as after it dried you could see some patches)


Cut a half circle shape out of white card and roll into a cone shape. Glue down with strong Glue on to the pumpkin, covering the stalk. Cut out white card ears and colour in an inner ear shape with pink pen, fold the ends and glue on to the pumpkin.


Cut your coloured wool/yarn into lengths your happy with for the hair and tail. Divide and Glue into place. 


Wind the silver pipe cleaner around the bottom of the horn and wrap round to the top and slot int the top hole to hold in place.


Cut out 2 circles out of glitter foam and glue on as cheeks. With a black marker pen draw a happy face and nostrils

How to make a unicorn pumkin

I must admit every time I walk into my living room and look at my cupboard this unicorn pumpkin gives me the biggest smile ever! Its an ideal activity to do with kids as there is no scooping or carving required. If you are after Halloween themed pumpkins you might like to read how we made out cute no carve pumpkins.


How to make a pom pom pumpkin


  • A large pumpkin
  • Lots of colourful pumpkins
  • Strong Glue
  • Lots of patience
pom pom pumpkin

Although this is a simple craft it does take allot of time and patience but that effort is so worthwhile and just the feel of it gives you that sence of accomplishment plus it looks super fun and kids will adore it (so will the grown ups).

how to make a pom pom pumpkin

Simply glue on each individual pom pom on to the pumpkin using different sizes and colours, Try not to have the same colour next to each other. It does take some time to create the pom pom pumpkin but I hope you agree with me it is worth it in the end. I added some green pom poms to create a stalk which made it seem more pumpkin like!


how to make a pom pom pumpkin

The unicorn one is undoubtedly my favourite pumpkin we have made so far this year and we have made a fair few to say the least!

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how to make a unicorn and pom pom pumpkin

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