How to make a tea-cup planter

how to make a tea cup planter

Do you like quick easy crafts and activities? I love them, they don't take up too much of your day, are fairly easy to make but have a lasting impression. To make our spring tea cup planter you will need:

  • Tea cup and saucer

We had a lovely light blue set that we usually use as a prop.

tea cup planter
  • Sharpie pens
sharpie pens, make a tea cup planter
  • A plant
make a tea pot planter
  • Some cake toppers
making a tea cup planter

and some shredded tissue paper to decorate.

Simply decorate the tea cup and saucer with sharpie pens, this could be a picture or maybe personalising with a name or saying "MUM" or "GRANDMOTHER" and you can give as a gift. Remove your plant from the pot and plant into the teacup. Place cake toppers and decorations that make your planter look more spring like. Finish off with some shredded tissue paper and place on a sunny area.

If you really want to make this but can't do it straight away you can save this project for later and Pin it:

how to make a tea cup planter tutorial

this would make a great mother's day gift or birthday present don't you think?

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