How to make a super dad card: Fathers day craft

Tell dad he is your hero with oor SUPER easy father's day card. You only need a few supplies to make this card stand out, the bright bold colours and our fun template makes it pop! Nothing says how you feel better than making a handmade card and Chloe me just me is here to save the day and offer my crafty powers to help you. Together we make things happen! (dramatic super hero music in the background) 

super dad card

We (me and my mum) designed this card a while back when we were selling on Etsy and finding ways that we could be creative together, it turns out that this card mas mighty popular and was featured as number 1 card on BUZZFEED! We had so many orders to complete it was crazy! Due to the handmade business getting too big for our boots we decided to use our creative powers instead in the world of blogging, much easier than going to the post office everyday! No cape required!

how to make a super dad card

To make our awesome super dad card 

You will need:

  • A5 plain Card
  • Coloured cardin blue, red and yellow
  • Glue and sticky foam pads
  • Craft knife 
  • Cutting mat
  • Free template
card making supplies

Step 1: 

Print the FREE TEMPLATE and cut out the super dad using a craft knife, draw around the template on the yellow card and then the red card, we cut two of each so we can make a badge too.

how to make a super dad card

Step 2:

Measure the blue card against your folded card, we used an A5 card, the thicker the better as it makes the card sturdy and also gives it a more professionally made feel. Cut to fit and then glue on to the front of the card.

how to make a super hero dad card

Step 3:

Using sticky foam pads, create a raised section with the yellow paper cut card and stick in the middle of the card.

how to make a super dad card

Step 4:

Glue the red paper cut piece of card on top of the raised yellow card to complete the super dad motif.

How to make a super dad card

I think it looks pretty awesome!. We used a brown envelope to go with it so Dad was not expecting such a powerful colourful card inside. Though a bright red or yellow envelope would look amazing with this.

super dad card

We also made a badge by attaching a safety pin to the back of the card with some tape, alternatively you could do that and attach the safety pin to the card creating a card with a removable badge.

how to make a super dad badge

We really hope you enjoyed our super dad card the template could be used in so many ways. What would you use it for?

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how to make a super dad card

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