How to make a St Patrick's Day freakshake/milkshake

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I have never joined in with celebrating St Patrick's Day and this year I really wanted to take part and enjoy all the rainbows and creative projects that every kid should do! As part of my COOK WITH CHLOE SERIES I wanted to come up with a fun recipe that you should all be able to make and have fun with!



  • Milkshake glass
  • Vanilla or banana milkshake
  • Green sprinkles
  • Squirty cream
  • Rainbow band sweets
  • Rainbow drops
  • Skittles
  • Lucky charms
  • Green food colouring
st patricks day freakshake milkshake

Some of the sweets are usually american but we were able to source them from UK pound shops and the american isles that most supermarkets have, we did want fruit loops but couldn't find any!

how to make a st patricks day milkshake

This was such a fun activity and I urge you to try it! I made a fun video showing you how to make the most rainbowy milkshake ever! Don't forget to Like and SUBSCRIBE 

It would be awesome if you have a go at my St Patrick's day milkshake and see if you can make it taller than mine! You can share your versions with me on:

But make sure you ask a grownup to do it for or with you if you are under 13 years old.

how to make a st patricks day milkshake

Have you tried any of these rainbow sweets before? I hadn't tried any! A bit too sweet for me! 

how to make st patricks day freakshake

Those lucky charms are adorable! I will have to use them again on another recipe! So cute! They taste like harderned marshmallows.

st patricks day milkshake recipe

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how to make st patricks day milkshake

I really hope you enjoyed my video and recipe and will have a go yourselves! For more fun cook with chloe ideas you might also like to read:

st patricks day milkshake

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