How to make a Halloween invitation card

Are you planning a spooky party for the kids? or maybe just a small fun gathering of friends that are coming over to play? What ever you decide how to celebrate Halloween you will need an invitation card. It also makes a great Halloween themed craft for the kids too! 

halloween invitation card


  • Black card
    • Orange (or halloween coloured) envelopes
    • Googly eyes (various sizes)
    • White card
    • Glue and scissors


Fold your black card in half and stick different sized pairs of googly eyes around the card. Write on your envelope Open if you dare or something spooky. You could even Add some big googly eyes to the front of the envelope.

halloween invite


Draw and cut out a ghost shape out of white card and stick two googly eyes onto the front of the ghost.


With some black card strips fold onto each other creating a spring paper like this video (sourced from youtube)

Glue or cellotape one end into the card and the other end on to the back of the card ghost. So when you open the card the Ghost will pop out. You can write on the back of the card or add small note inside the card.


How to make a halloween invitation

This makes an ideal Halloween craft activity for the younger ones to try, it would help with hand eye co-ordination and patience.

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You could also try bright colour cards to create monsters green  or purple card with funny or spooky drawn faces.

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