How to make a fried egg Easter bonnet

Fried egg easter bonnet hat

Easter bonnets don't have to be covered in millions of chicks and plastic eggs it can become one big egg! well a fried egg really!

To make a fried egg bonnet all you need is these simple supplies:

  • Easter Bonnet
  • White felt
  • Yellow Felt
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
fried egg easter egg bonnet


Measure the top surface of the hat and sides and cut a yellow circle of felt out, Using matching thread sew the felt onto the hat.

how to make an easter bonnet


Draw a fried egg shape onto the white felt making sure it covers the bonnet completely. Draw a circle round the top of the bonnet in the middle of your fried egg shape and cut out the inner circle.

how to make a kids easter bonnet


Slot the white felt fried egg shape over the top of the hat it should just hold in place if cut right, if not use a few stitches using matching thread to hold in place.

kids easter bonnet idea

This is so fun and easy to make but makes a huge impression! I bet it would give some giggles during the summer too!

Don't forget to pin it!

how to make an Easter Bonnet

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