How to make a felt heart bouquet

How to make a felt heart bouquet

Give someone you love a bouquet that will last forever and always remind them that you love them so much! Give them something heart felt.

valentine heart bouquet

What you will need:

  • Felt squares in shades of pink and reds
  • matching embroidery cotton
  • toy stuffing
  • needle and scissors
  • cake pop sticks
  • glass jar
  • ribbon
  • heart sweets
jar of valentines felt hearts

This is a very simple make and can be made for many different purposes. For example these would make a nice table decoration for valentines day, make a cute gift for mums and teachers, could make cake decoration toppers or make sweet little heart wands for kids.

This could be an ideal simple sewing project for beginners.

How to make your heart bouquet:

Step one:

First you will need to cut matching felt heart shapes, sandwich the cake pop stick in between the two hearts. 

felt hearts

Step two:

With matching embroidery cotton sew the cake pop stick in place with a few stitches on the front and the back of the heart. 

felt heart bouquet

Step three:

Sew both heart pieces together with a simple running stitch making sure you leave enough space for the filling.

Step four:

Fill the heart and finish off your sewing and tie a knot and cut any loose ends. Make more hearts with the same process as above.

felt heart jar

Step five:

Fill a glass jar with love heart sweets and add your bouquet inside. When happy with your arrangement. Wrap a love themed ribbon around the rim of the glass jar.

felt heart bouquet in jar

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felt heart wands

If you could think of any other uses we would love to hear them! Simply tell us in our comments section.

bunch of felt hearts, valentines gift


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