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Every garden needs a fairy living in it! That's a fact! I have teamed up with Fairydoorz to show you two very cool ways to have a fairy garden of your very own!

To make our fairy garden you will need:

fairydoorz how to make a fairy gardnen kit
  • Fairydoorz bluebell gardening kids kit
  • plant pot
  • compost
  • chalk pen
  • varnish
fairy garden kit from fairydoorz

* Please note I was kindly gifted a Fairydoorz bluebell gardening kit and accessories for the purpose of this review (more information provided at the bottom of the post)

How to make a fairy garden plant pot


Fill your plant pot with compost and add your bluebell seeds, as I couldn't wait for mine to grow I planted some potted spring flowers for the purpose of this post.

how to make a fairy garden plant pot


With the mini chalk board sign use your chalk board marker to write a message on. I chose "Fairies live here" but you can choose anything you like or name your plant that you are growing for example the Bluebell seed kit. Use some clear varnish (ask a grown up for some help here) and cover the sign so it doesn't wash away.

how to make a fairy garden pot


Use the sticky backs provided and stick on your outdoor fairy door (I have some extra accesories which you can find from the Fairydoorz website like this mini fairies welcome sign)

how to make a fairy garden


Place a path using your shells and little plastic beads to show the way to your fairy door, you could arrange the shells each side of the path or place in your garden pot for extra decoration.

How to make a fairy garden for kids


Stick on the window with provided backs on to your pot, They are quite strong so should stay on.

how to make a fairy garden


Add some accessories to make your fairy garden feel more homely, we added some little wooden mushrooms (these would have to be varnished if staying outside)


I love the little blue path with a mix of tiny shells so adorable!

how to make a fairy garden

This could be kept indoors or outdoors so if you don't have a garden or much space then this is a perfect way to invite fairies to your home.

how to make a fairy garden

If you are lucky enough to have a tree then you can add the door and window to the tree base. Using little wooden stepping stones to lead the way to the fairy door.

how to make a fairy door

I had to knock to see if a fairy would come out and greet me.... but I think she was shy!

how to make a fairy garden

The outdoor fairy door was great fun! I loved that it came with lots of super tiny accessories, It kept me busy and happy and its something I can keep in my garden forever and add to.  

* Please note I was gifted the FairyDoorz Bluebell gardening kit for the purpose of the review, all my views are my very own and I will only accept products and offer reviews on what I deem suits my audience (which is you guys) If you are a kid just like me reading this and would like to have a Fairy Door of your very own please show your parents this website it is safe see my PARENTS/GUARDIANS section for more info on our internet safety and my advertising policy.

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