How to create The Grinch Cindy Lou hairstyle

It’s the Grinch’s 60th birthday anniversary – and you’re invited to the party! And who knows how to party more than Cindy lou, she certainly knows how to get the grinchiest who to get into the community spirit!

Harper Collins childrens books has gone all out this Grinchmas and are spreading the Christmas cheer with grinchy activities that will make your heart grow three sizes!

They have invited 12 bloggers including me to help out with fun filled ideas to make sure your days are grinchified! Welcome to day 9 with me Chloe me just me! (If you are new head on over to my ABOUT page to find out more about me and my blog and youtube channel)

12 days of grinchmas

Why not have a go at grinching yourself with a grinch-o-gram? Do you think green is my colour?

grinch yourself

The book is awesome and would make such a great gift for Christmas, it can be read every year!

The grinch book

The 60th anniversary edition is so special with guild like gold that shines in the light, the colourful illustrations really pop out at you!


I love that there is some history in the book about Dr Seuss and how he came up with the story of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" It even has the title in different languages so you can see how the grinch is pronounced. I quite like how the hungarians called him a "Gorc" sounds slightly lord of the rings-y to me!

If you would like to purchase the book you can buy it via my amazon link HERE.

For the Cindy Lou hairstyle 


  • 3 Red hair bobbles

  • Red hair ribbon

  • hair grips

  • hair clips

  • hairspray or hairwax

  • plastic cup or toilet roll

  • hairbrush

See my gallery for further images (I may have had a bit of fun with posing!):

I really hope you enjoy my hairstyle tutorial! I had so much fun that day! I have had quite a busy december so I'm wishing all my readers and viewers a very merry GRINCHMAS

how to make a cindy lou hairstyle