How to make birthday cake boxes

I am celebrating my blog hitting 1 years old! Yay! think I can officially say that I am a professional now right? Every blog birthday or blogaversary needs cake, seen as we had been eating lots of our pokemon cake recently we really were not in the mood for more cake of the edible kind, so we decided to make a crafty kind instead!

make a cake box birthday craft

To make our fun cake boxes 


  • Round gift boxes (ours was from Ikea)
  • Coloured card
  • Hama beads or pearler beads
  • Sprinkle printed paper (ours was from Flying Tiger)
  • Paper straws and coloured staws
  • Glue and scissors


Using your sides of your round gift boxes as a template cut strips of coloured paper for the base and Glue on to the sides of your gift boxes, we used a strong pritt stick to achieve this.

birthday craft, make a cake box


Using the top of your round gift box draw around the circle and then cut out the shape. Next draw some wriggly icing shapes in a strip (making sure that it covers the lid sides completely) Cut out and stick the circle paper cut out on to the top of your gift box lid and the icing shapes onto the sides with a strong glue stick.

how to make cake boxes, birthday craft


Cut your staws to the right candle size and then glue on to the top of your iced cake box lids. We used a liquid glue and held them in place for a few seconds. Cut out some yellow flames from some yellow card and make slits in your straws with scissors to hold them in place. You now have a finished cake box! Ta da! 

how to make a cupcake box

We made 3 sizes a large, medium and small but you could also make tiered cake or even a wedding cake! The possibilities are endless! You could store birthday gifts or even small cakes inside, possibly some sweets or a birthday kit with balloons, banners and candles. I love what you could do with them, Chloe has just decided they are great to use with her toys and to throw teddy bear picnics.

If you enjoyed this craft and would like to save this idea for later do make sure to pin it!


how to make a birthday cake box

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