How to make a 3D spring picture - spring crafts

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Craft with Chloe and make this fun 3d spring inspired picture using materials and supplies you should  have at home. A great craft for the younger readers!

How to make a 3D spring picture

3D spring picture

Spring is edging near and I simply can not wait for all the colour and flowers to emerge. I spend allot of time outdoors and do have plentiful walks and nature becomes my favourite theme to explore! I have raided the cupboards and got out our colourful card and cake cases to create a spring themed 3D picture.

This would be ideal as a group project, or to make a gift for friends and family, I  have made a few so lots of fridges are going to look very pretty indeed. 

spring craft picture

To make a 3D spring craft

You will need:

  • A4 blue paper, green paper (2 shaded)
  • cake cases
  • foam stickers
  • pipe-cleaners
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sticky pads
3D spring craft

Step 1:

Cut a grass shape out of the lighter shade of green paper by simply cutting a zig-zag pattern and glue in place, leaving the spiky bits unglued.

3D spring craft

Step 2:

Draw and cut out some stem and leaf shapes out of the darker green paper. Stick down behind the grass blades, then glue the grass blades down on to the blue paper.

spring craft

Step 3:

With your cake cases fold in half and then again creating a quarter. cut the above shapes, one curved, one heart and one bumpy and then open up to create the flowers.

flower craft for kids

Step 4:

Glue down the base of the flower shaped cake cases on to your paper stems. You can now add a few foam stickers to add detail to your 3D spring picture.

spring craft for kids

Step 5:

To make a butterfly you will need to fold your cake case in half and cut out two winged shapes, when you open them up it becomes a butterfly shape. glue on to your picture then make a butterfly body by bending your pipe cleaners, stick them down using sticky tabs.

spring craft ideas

Here's some close ups of my pictures, I have made quite a few versions now, which shows it's an enjoyable craft for kids.

spring picture

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how to make a 3D spring picture

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