Get animating with Zu3D stop motion kit!

Have you tried animation before? I just love it! I have used several apps before Zu3d but this software and supplies offer you an opportunity to be like a professional animator in your own home! 

zu3d animation kit

See my previous review of the ZU3D animation kit HERE!

You can see my animation I produced on the last post before below:

They have a new product which is a stop motion studio kit with a wire armature. The purpose of the kit was to provide children with everything they need to create and produce amazing animated films.

The main feature of the kit is the wire armature figure which is also known as a promble. It has been designed for stop animation purposes and is not a toy. They can be animated just as they are or can have modeling clay applied to them which is a technique  used in many stop motion studios.

Here are some amazing features that you get from Zu3d

  • Complete stop-motion animation package

  • Automatic green-screening/chroma key

  • Create drawn animations & draw onto captured frames

  • Rig-removal

  • Copy, edit, move & delete frames or clips

  • Instantly zoom in and out of individual frame view or clip view

  • Onion skinning (overlay the previous frame to making animating easy)

  • import sound effects and music or record your own

  • Import images & video

  • Powerful video editor - combine imported video files with your animations

  • Import animated gifs/special effects

  • Unlimited audio & video tracks

  • Add titles, credits & speech bubbles with exciting styles.

  • Time-lapse

  • Instantly change the framerate of your whole film or individual clips

  • Add fade transitions between scenes of your film

  • Change the transparency of individual clips or whole video tracks

  • Export as MP4 and upload to YouTube or the Zu3D Gallery

  • Capture images from webcam

  • Use phone or tablet as a wireless camera

About Zu3D

Zu3D has been developed to give children (and adults) of all ages the freedom to create magical mini movies quickly and easily, in school and at home. 

Combining an intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features, Zu3D unlocks the filmmaking and storytelling potential of everyone.

I decided to make an unboxing video of both packages so you can decide which works for you. I also set up my mobile phone on the tripod so you can see how easy it is to set up and animate! I am going to have allot of fun with this software! 

The package is £49.99 that comes with everything you need for animating at home. I am home educated so this will be part of my learning, they also offer packages for groups and schools. If you would like further information then please check out their website HERE! 

* Please note I was gifted this set for the purpose of my review all reactions and thoughts are all my own.