Fuzzikins craft cottontail cottage review

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Wouldn't it be great to bring your dolls house with you when you go visiting family or away on holiday perhaps? Well now you can with Fuzzikins craft cottontail cottage! Yep! it's a book that is cleverly engineered to be a pop-up 3D playhouse which folds away when you finish playing with it, ideal for short stays away as it doesn't take up much room at all!

Fuzzikins craft cottontail cottage review

Fuzzikins cottontail cottage is an interactive craft activity where you can decorate the cottage with peel of stickers that you can colour in alongside personalizing the two cute flocked rabbits

cottontail cottage

I love my two rabbits I used the pens provided to decorate their ears, tummies and feet.

fuzzikins cottage review

I loved all the adorable cute stickers that you can colour and customize! So easy to peel off and stick onto your pop cottage book

fuzzikins cottontail cottage craftset
fuzzikins cottontail cottage craft set
fuzzikins cottontail cottage

I loved all the little places you could put your bunnies, like at the table, on the beds, inside the wigwam tent and in the bath. I had hours of fun playing with it ! My parents liked the fact you can put it away afterwards and that it doesn't take up much room.

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This would make an ideal Easter or birthday present as its has so many things to keep you busy, from colouring in, decorating and playing. Its priced at £19.99 and I think that is not bad for what you get inside as its a craft kit, a 3d pop up book, dolls house and has figures and accessories!

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