Fun creative board game for the family


Have you ever played a board game that just makes you giggle with your family or friends? I haven't giggled so much in ages and can't beliv this is a board game its creative and clever:

The board game is called Pass the Pen, it's quick and easy with prompt cards with an art challenge and you have to draw it within the 10-15 second time scale. We thought it would be fun to give you a visual idea of how it works. Here's me Chloe on my YOUTUBE channel with a box opening and playing the game its pretty funny to watch and I'm sure you will be wanting to have a go at yourselves....

Pass the Pen is from Wicked Uncle, its a super cool website that source the best toys around! An ideal present finder with a selection of fun, unusual and different presents for children. With gender, age and themed categories you should easily find your ideal gift. 

About the game:

This game is fast, fun and simple to play. Pick a card & roll the die to determine what your artistic challenge will be, then press the pen timer and start to draw. If someone guesses correctly what you've drawn you both get points, but if your nib disappears before they can guess, then you have to ‘Pass the Pen’. Or just as much fun playing with two people trying to guess what on earth the other player was trying to draw! The pen timer can be set to 10 or 15 seconds if you need more it a Snowman...or a Hamburger...or a Sumo Wrestler?! With over 500 subjects to draw, surprisingly tricky - absolutely brilliant entertainment.

pass the pen from wicked uncle

The pro's: 

  • It is quick and easy to set up
  • not many rules
  • so funny

The con's:

  • Some things you may not know what they are on the cards
  • it's quite fast so you have to be a quick thinker/drawer

I have had hours of fun and is one of our top family games to play already! Anything that you can easily set up with not many rules is a winner in my books. So what are you waiting for go on it's your turn to play! 

* Please note I was gifted Pass the Pen for the purpose of the review all my views are my very own and I will only accept products and offer reviews on what I deem suits my audience (which is you guys) If you are a kid just like me reading this and would like to have a loom kit of your very own please show your parents this website it is safe see PARENTS/GUARDIANS section for more info on our internet safety and advertising policy.

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