A day out at Kidtropolis London 2016 UK Half term

*Please note we were gifted tickets for the purpose of our review.

Kidtropolis is a new event set in Excel London, with toys, activities, tours and also well known characters, you tubers and authors for you to meet in person! 

There are many toy and game exhibitors there so you can have a go and play with products some of which haven't hit the market yet. With a games bus, play bus and My little pony bus and a stage and play areas.

my little pony bus

We knew this type of event would be busy and we went prepared planning what we most importantly like to see and do first, The MLP bus was our first choice so we qued for that, we were lucky to be the first there and only wait 10 minutes to go on. You get a My little pony passport and there are 5 activities to have a go at where your passport gets stamped, this included face paint a cutie mark, a photo booth where you can choose to wear their props (you get a photo) upstairs there is ipad games, a colouring in and reading area and then a toy area to play with the latest MLP toys. At the end you get a prize (a sticker book with a pack of stickers) We found that the big attractions drew ques so plan your visit wisely.

Here's our video of our day out on my 0You tube channel:

We just enjoyed walking round the stalls and having a go at the games and toys talking with the staff, many had little freebies like activity sheets, stickers, booklets etc, The big jigs gift bag had free wooden trains in them!  Many toys had discounts if bought but we didn't find it was a place to push sales. 

kidtropolis day out

There is a stage with lots on, including well know you tubers and music and dance. I got the chance to meet Tiana another kid youtuber from Toys and me and bought her rainbow faries book, we also met the author of The Zookeeper book so came home with two signed books! 

toys and me book signing with chloe me just me

Our favourite was seeing SAM LABS a new educational, creative toy that works with an app and a computer, I was so fascinated as it used coding and electronics and circuits, we have never seen something so innovative and we spent ages at the stall playing and chatting.

the zookeeper app and book

We have seen some people upset about the amount of time queuing and waiting and I believe they have put more staff on, made activities more accessible, and all tickets are now sold out!

sam labs

It does get busy but seemed to pitter off after 2 hours, I have high functioning autism and managed to cope but I was very focused on what I wanted to do so that helped, we had ear defenders just in case but I didn't want them as I'm able to focus on what I want and I cancel out noise with my thoughts. If you are going and have children with autism, I would suggest ear defenders, there are lots of people and sensory lights and noises, There is a quiet room and also the eating area outside the event is quiet if you need a time out. We spent about 2 and half hours there and had a good time but we were very aware of how busy it was going to be so we were prepared for all eventualities.

playing a board game

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