A fun creative stationery subscription box for kids: Mila and pheebs

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I'm super excited to give you another look at the Mila and Pheebs subscription box filled with creative craft projects and fun stationery for kids. If you would like to take a look at my previous introduction post click HERE! 

I am loving the spring edition! It's so springy!!

mila and pheebs spring box

I was so excited to see what was inside and I was in cuteness overload over the adorable illustrated characters on the activity sheets. You will be able to see the full box opening on my YOUTUBE channel:

I feel ready for spring with all these creative supplies to aid me! Its put me in such a happy mood!

mila and pheebs spring box

You get lots of colorful stickers from foil to foam ones to decorate your creative projects, I would suggest personalising the two cards you get sent in the box with them.

mila and pheebs  subscription box

I can't wait to share these activity sheets with my best friend she will love doing them with me! These would be great to keep for a travel day perhaps to do in the car or maybe to take into restaurants to keep you busy whilst you are waiting.

The craft kits were super cute, I have made the foam daffodils in the vase and the cool dude chick wand already! (See pictures below)

foam daffodil kit

My parents loved this daffodil vase and have placed it on their shelf, saying the flowers will last forever! 

mila and pheebs chick wand

I want to make a foam skateboard to go with my cool chick as he just needs one doesn't he?

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