How to make a pet rock - kids sewing

You may be wondering why we are making pet rocks.... Well we were gifted a fun book called 'Danger is STILL everywhere' written by David O'Doherty and Chris Judge an incredibly humorous book that gives you a mighty chuckle about how you, YES YOU! can become a certified Dangerologist and avoid every kind of danger that may be lurking about, even bus stops are scarily dangerous and with this step by step guide you could even become a level 2 DETBAFOD (I could explain but that would give away some crucial reading to be had)

And why a pet rock? well according to the expert in Dangerology (yes it is a word) Pet Rocks are the most safest and useful pets to have! 

 I found the book so much fun to read. we spent two days reading it, one half one day and the second half the other and we had endless giggles and I can safely tell you that I am now a certified Dangerologist and can identify many dangers no matter how silly they are! 

We really wanted to make some pet rock's of our very own! first we decorated some lovely shaped pebbles with sharpie pens, but I had a very clever notion that there could be possible dangers with a real pet rock .... for instance you could drop it on your toe! (ouch) you could even trip over it! and There is a good chance, if you dropped it on a pebbly beach it could take an extremely long time to find it again! So we also decided to make a cuddly soft pet rock just to be on the safe side.

To make a pebble pet:

You will need:

  • some lovely round pebbles
  • black sharpie pen
  • pink sharpie pen
  • a skateboard and some rope (to help you pet pebble travel)
danger is still everywhere book review

make sure you visit the website:

pebble pet craft

Now I want a collection of pet rocks and pebbles! look what you have started Doctor Noel Zone!

pet pebble craft

To make a felt pet rock:

You will need:

  • x2 pieces of grey felt (any size you want)
  • a small piece or red and white felt
  • x2 blad brads
  • x2 pink brads
  • black, grey, red and white embroidery cotton
  • toy filling
  • needle and scissors (careful these are highly dangerous tools and only a trained dangerologist can use them)
danger is everywhere book

Step 1:

Draw a fun bumpy rock shape on some paper and then cut out and use as a template for your pet rock. Pin to the felt and cut out two identical pieces.

Step 2:

Cut out two white circles for the eyes and a heart (if you wish) using the red felt. Stitch them in place using matching threads on to one rock felt shape.

Step 3:

Pierce through the black brads through the white circles and fold the prongs back like a paper fastener, then so the same with the pink brads in your chosen place to create cheeks

Step 4:

Using black thread and a simple running stitch or backstitch sew on a mouth shape. Then sandwich together the two rock felt shapes together with the happy face facing upwards.

Step 5:

Using matching thread stitch around the perimetre of the two rock shapes leaving a small gap to fill with toy filling. Fill till your pet rock is looking rather plump and then continue sewing till you reach your starting point. Tie a knot at the back and cut any loose ends.

You now have a very safe and cuddly pet rock! go on give it a big huggy squish!

felt pet rock

He is so adorably cute and a huggable pet! the safest you could have!

felt pet rock

Please note I was gifted the book for my genuine thoughts and opinions.

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