How to sew a cute felt narwhal

I don't know what it is about these magnificent creatures, there is something quite magical about them, maybe being known as "the unicorns of the sea" what ever it is that compels me to like these beautiful sea wanderers I have decided to share the narwhal love with a free sewing tutorial with templates.


What you will need:

  • x2 light blue felt squares 15cm X 15cm
  • x2 beige felt rectangle 6cm x 3cm
  • x1 small white squares 8cm x 5cm
  • x2 black brads
  • x2 pink brads
  • embroidery thread Black, beige, white, light blue.
  • Brooch bar, or ribbon or keyring ring
  • Toy filling
  • sewing needle size 8 or 9

Template: narwhall template

Step 1

Print out the template page, cut out the templates and pin to the felt pieces. 
cut all the shapes out ready to sew. Make sure you cut out two blue narwhal pieces
one white tummy piece and two beige horn

how to sew a felt narwhal

step 2

Pierce the black brads through one narwhal felt piece shape creating the eyes. Bend the back
parts of the brads outwards in opposite directions, just like a paper clip to secure in
place. Repeat this with the pink brads creating the cheeks. Not using brads? see next step,
step 2b for alternative choices to create the eyes and cheeks.

how to sew a cute narwhal

Step 2b

This step is a suggestion on what you can do as an alternative to using brads. You could
use small circles of black and pink felt for the eyes and cheeks, using the templates and sew
on using a small running stitch and matching thread. you could also use small plastic toy
eyes, buttons or beads. Additionally you can try different types of stitches to create
eyes and cheeks.

how to sew a felt narwhal

Step 3

Using a running stitch or a backstitch and with some black embroidery thread, 
sew a smile on to your narwhal using close together stitches.

You could also try cutting mouth shapes out of felt and sew on to your narwhal.


Step 4

Pin the white tummy piece to the front narwhal felt shape and using matching white
embroidery thread and a running stitch sew the the tummy shape on to the narwhal.
make sure you knot the threads at the back and cut any loose ends.

how to sew a felt narwhal

step 5

On one horn stitch line details using matching thread and a running stitch or back stitch.
Then place the back piece of the horn onto the front facing horn and stitch around the
perimeter leave the bottom open so you can stitch onto the narwhal. Fill with toy
filling, or you could use a pipe cleaner to keep the horn shape upright.

how to sew a felt narwhal

Step 6

Stitch only the front part of the horn on to the narwhals head using beige thread and
a running stitch. Leaving the back horn bottom opening left un-stitched so it can be
sewn on to the back narwhal piece shortly.

If you would like to make a brooch, or twiggy decoration or keyring follow step 7.

how to sew a felt narwhal

Step 7

If you are making a brooch stitch the brooch bar to the blank narwhal shape making sure it
will face outwards when behind the front facing narwhal shape, use allot of over stitches
to keep the bar secure in place. for a twiggy decoration place you ribbon folded in half in
between the two narwhal shapes, for a keyring just add the keyring onto the ribbon
before sandwiching between 2 pieces.

how to sew a cute narwhal

Step 8,

Pin the front and back pieces of the narwhal shapes together. Sew the back piece of the
horn on to the back piece of the narwhal and fill till firm. Using matching thread stitch the
two narwhal shapes together using a small running stitch, a blanket stitch could also be
used. leave a small gap to fill with toy filling.

how to sew a cute narwhal

Step 9

Fill the small gap with toy filling, use a pencil or a knitting needle to push the filling in to
hard to to reach places, when nice and plump continue to stitch and close the gap. tie a knot
at the back of the narwhal and cut any loose threads.

how to sew a felt narwhal

Step 10

There are many other uses for this pattern, you could turn it in to a banner
or maybe even a mobile.

you could also use different colours or make a girl version by adding eyelashes or adding
a heart motif or even rainbow narwhals!!!

how to make a narwhal


Haven't got time to make this right now? Don't worry you can pin for later:

how to sew a felt narwhal

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