chloe me just me

Hi I am Chloe I am 9 years old and my life is very different to most kids my age! For starters I am home educated which means I have an education at home where my mum helps me learn new and inspiring things everyday. We have an eclectic style of learning which means we mix a lot of styles together to make it work for me. I have been home educated for just over 2 years now.

I also have high functioning autism and PDA which stands for pathological demand avoidance, this basically means I find lots of things in life very challenging and demanding and can have allot of anxiety. I really enjoyed watching you tube video's and really wanted to make my own. So I did! I love being in-front of the camera and having full control of what I choose to talk or review about, I like that I can be me, just me so I named my channel Chloe, me just me. Making video's is helping me with my confidence and I am so enthusiastic about the digital world as it keeps me calmer.

I have lots of plans for my channel including vlogging and sharing things about my autism and PDA, including some of my home ed things with you all, as I always get asked so many questions about it, I can show you what my life is all about. I also plan on continuing to offer fun kid friendly reviews and challenges... nothing scary or gross though! I don't do that, that isn't me! I love fashion and creating my own style, I'm not particularly a girly girl and I really don't like all the atypical stereotypes that takes over the media even today! 

I like to have a positive and happy outlook on life and just keep on chatting! Sometimes we share some creative posts which me and my mum work together on (I hope you like them).

chloe me just me

You will find I am very chatty and can go off topic at times, that's how my mind works! I only film what I would like to film and all my own ideas. My mum helps me film and edit my video's until I can learn to do most of it myself. I would love a career in video making some day. 

rainbow wool pot craft

When I am not filming or learning, I like drawing, art and crafts, going on adventures with my family, meeting with friends and playing computer games and of course watching you tube! 

All my words are my own and views but because of my age all my accounts are monitored and run by my parents to ensure my safety.